Granite Vases

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Granite Vases

Granite vases are a beautiful way to hold flowers as well as enhance the monument, because they come in the matching color. Durable and permanant, these typically set on the ends of the base on an upright stone.

Zinc Vases

Zinc vases are used when needed for a flat stone, or other situations that call for the vase to go down in the cement. Since cemeteries need to be able to mow around and over the cement, these cleverly turn and unlock, to put up and out for times when you want to put flowers in, then unlock and turn back over, down and in.
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"I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on our daughter's headstone. Thank you for suggesting the rainbow color effect on the dragonfly's wings. We have received lots of positive feedback from friends."

- Eric M.
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