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Choosing a Headstone

Stone Supply and Monument
Sometimes, after losing a loved one, the task of buying a headstone selection may seem to be overwhelming. We understand the fog and cloudiness that may occur and hope we may lighten the task of purchasing a headstone into a simple one.
Stone Supply & Monument, is pleased to offer you the ability to custom design your headstone with the aid of artistic talent and supreme technology. Both Computer-aided and hand-made designs offer incredible flexibility for your family to personalize your monument like none other. We adhere to strict professional standards to ensure the best quality and service.
Cherished memories and the most valued traits of your loved ones personality may be preserved and displayed for endless time. Your monument will be just as unique as the personality it represents.

Choosing a Headstone

The first step to choosing a headstone is knowing your cemeteries regulations. These regulations may put restrictions on the size and style of your headstone.
The second step is to select your headstone material and style. Headstones are priced according to style, size, color, and number of polished surfaces.
It is usually easiest to begin with:
  • chooseing the style the size 
  • determining the color of granite to be used
  • deside how many sides to be polished.
Stone Supply & Monument 3975 North Highway 89 Ogden Utah 801.782.6434